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Tiran Jackson

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Tiran Jackson is a speaker, author, life-coach, and entrepreneur who has used his tragic story about dealing with tragedy, loss, and overcoming as a means of helping others learn to overcome the setbacks that they encounter in their lives. After beginning his promising career as an engineer and living a life centered around advancing in his profession and providing for his family, he has gone through an incredible transformation, using his new, profound purpose as a means of inspiring others to find their path in life. Through his transformative journey, he has rediscovered who he is authentically and has allowed his vulnerability to serve as a guide in helping others find their resiliency, courage, and strength. He is inspiring those to move forward to reach their greatest dreams. Tiran's company is Reborn Resilient.

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"Choosing Resilience"

How many times have you been faced with an obstacle that seemed insurmountable?

The first step towards regaining control and happiness in our lives lies in making the decision to choose to be resilient in times of adversity.  Choosing Resilience is about making a conscious decision to keep moving forward against undeniable opposition.  Responding with resilience means finding the courage and strength to keep driving, pushing and pursuing—having the determination that no matter how bad the circumstances may appear life will be better.

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