Hello, I'm Shavonne Reed.


As a corporate marketing executive, I burnt out. The main reasons why:

1️⃣ I was operating with an all or nothing approach,

2️⃣ Branded myself as the girl that gets things done, and

3️⃣ I was still proving myself and lacked confidence.

Everything changed when I realized that I had to take charge and own who I wanted to be. Not only for myself, but for my family. I needed to break the curse that plagues women, especially Black women's health.

My Story


For as long as I can remember, my mother would never miss a day of work. She was dedicated for years and seemed to keep falling short of advancement in title and pay. The most she ever made was $23k annually to support my sister, brother and I. 


The truth of the matter is that once the pandemic hit and after seeing her health decline over the a ten year period, I realized she would not make the average life expectancy. 


After founding the OPUA Agency focused on behavioral change marketing, I began to discover the incredible amount of research in the area of fair work practices, or the lack thereof. I also discovered the fact that Black women in particular feel out of alignment with employer's DEI policies and programs. I also learned Black women are making only $.58 for every $1 white men make.* It was definitely obvious to me based on the organizations I've worked for Black women are underrepresented in leadership positions and these circumstances impact Black women's health tremendously. This was certainly the case for my Mom.


Being the mother of two daughters, realizing these facts through my own lived experiences and having to say goodbye to my mother who would succumb to her chronic stress which caused several preventable chronic diseases showed me the unique health hazards placed upon us. These facts were very disturbing to me. 


Now I'm sharing my story, coaching emerging professionals and curating behavioral change marketing campaigns to influence others to prioritize their #futurehealthnow.


I hope my legacy will be that at least One Million are heart centered in their professional and personal lives to achieve, health, happiness and harmony. ❤️


* Source: Black Women's Health Imperative Fair Work Initiative. 
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